Over the Hedge

From the 2006 DreamWorks Animation film Over The Hedge comes this new action/adventure from Activision. Gamers assume the role of characters including RJ the raccoon, Verne the turtle, Hammy the squirrel and Stella the skunk, and explore a suburban neighborhood filled with traps and other various obstacles. In addition, the title boasts dozens of puzzles and mini-games and a two-player cooperative mode.

When a housing development intrudes on their woodland habitat and a possum is kidnapped by an evil exterminator, three wise-cracking rodents and one very neurotic reptile invade the ‘burbs in a quest to rescue their friend. Battle the exterminator and his army of mind controlled pests, and serve the forest (and your own hide) from the world’s peskiest critter…man!

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“…Over the Hedge proved to be a solid title to pick up if you have younger gamers that enjoyed the movie. The drop-in / drop-out gameplay was also included, adapted from the largely popular LEGO Star Wars franchise, and the ability to tag in and out at any time between a computer controlled teammate and human player is a huge high point in the game's design. Throw in some great special features for fans of both the film and the original comic strip and you have our Game of the Month for May… —IGN.com

“The gameplay is simple enough for anyone to get into while still allowing for the necessary depth for older gamers, the experience is well-rounded with great extra content.” —IGN.com; May 25, 2006