Shark Tale

In the murky depths of the ocean, the fate of Reef City lies in the fins of one little fish—at least that’s what he wants you think. Dive in to the urban, underwater metropolis of Shark Tale and play as Oscar, a fast-talking fish whose little fib gets him into big trouble. Based on the upcoming DreamWorks animated feature, Shark Tale features 25 funky fresh missions ripped straight from the film, the hottest hip-hop tracks from your favorite artists and more exhilarating gameplay variety than any other movie game in the reef.

bullet pointDon’t just talk big—Swim big!

bullet point Explore: Groove through Reef City with Oscar and explore locations like the Whale Wash, the Sunken Liner and the underwater underworld hideout, Seahorse Race Track.
bullet point Race: Careen through the coral at break-fin speed on the back of a friendly taxi fish. Beat your opponent while dodging traffic and fending off menacing great white sharks!
bullet point Fight: Bust some serious Fish Fu in challenging fighting sequences. Flex your fins, talk some smack and fillet your opponent with tail slaps, head butts and dazzling combo attacks.
bullet point Dance: Get those fins up and boogie down. Win over Reef City residents and garner the affections of your favorite ladyfish with your stylin’ hip-hop dance moves.

Don’t just talk big—swim big. Get in the game and prove you got what it takes to out-fin the evil Great Whites and become Reef City’s greatest hero.

bullet pointSpring 2005 Parents’ Choice Award Winner!

parents' choice silver honor

“Borrowing its remarkable 3D graphics and animation from the popular DreamWorks feature-length animated movie of the same name, this is one beautiful game on the screen. So playing as the movie's main character, Oscar the cute fish, is fun and compelling as you try to reach Oscar's goal—to become rich and famous.”

“Shark Tale integrates a fair amount of footage, music, and dialogue from the movie it’s based on, but the pleasant surprise here is the sheer variety of different levels the game includes.” —GameSpot; October 12, 2004