Spiderman cover

The long-awaited Spiderman title is now for sale on the Nintendo 64 courtesy of Edge of Reality!! Based on the super blockbuster from Neversoft (creators of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater) and Activision, the Nintendo port includes all of the PlayStation features and has been expertly tweaked to push the N64 to new heights (something EoR has done before with both Monster Truck Madness 64 and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater).

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Nintendo 64 gamers will finally get the chance to play as a superhero. Move freely (swing) in 3D environments, fight super-powered goons and rescue citizens as only Spider-Man can. Fans of Spider-Man will rejoice as the game includes narration by Stan Lee, an original story (impressively utilizing elements from popular storylines), familiar friends and foes and voice talent from the popular cartoon series.

Spider-Man N64 features fully 3D environments, over 30 levels and all of the music and voices from the PlayStation version. The N64 version will support the Rumble and Expansion packs.

“We saw what Edge of Reality did in bringing Neversoft’s Tony Hawk Pro Skater to the N64 and we have every reason to believe that Spider-Man’s transition from PSX to N64 will be just as brilliant.” —Ign64.com; August 11, 2000