Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
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Tony Hawk Pro Skater for Nintendo 64 was the highly acclaimed port of the critically praised original title for Sony PlayStation (developed by Neversoft and published by Activision). Winning best of year and best sports game honors from several game press, THPS marked a perfect synthesis of skateboarding simulation with fast-paced arcade thrills. Edge of Reality succeeded in bringing all of the alternative CD music, top-notch graphics and impressive gameplay to the cart-based Nintendo system.

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater features 10 skaters (including the legendary Tony Hawk himself), 100’s of authentic motion-captured moves, hardcore music (by the likes of Goldfinger and Dead Kennedys), 2-player modes and in-depth tournament circuit complete with replays. THPS supports the Rumble and Expansion packs.

“Activision scored big when it hired Edge of Reality…to handle this tricky conversion—the best PlayStation title of 1999 could easily have been botched, but instead, this port actually improves on areas of the game.” —; May 24, 2000